Knife Index
Alphabetical Listing of Victorinox Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and Accessories
Victorinox Knives 58mm, 2 in.
Classic Edelweiss, Classic w/Gold Ingot, Classic SD, Classic SD Flag, Classic SD Star of David, Classic SD Shamrock, Classic SD Alox, Classic SD StayGlo, Classic SD Gadsden Flag,Jetsetter, Manager, Midnite Manager, Midnite MiniChamp, MiniChamp, Rambler, Signature, Signature Lite, SwissLight
Victorinox Knives 74mm, 2.9 in.
Executive, Money Clip
Victorinox Knives 84mm, 3⅓ in.
My First Victorinox, Secretary, Sportsman, Tinker Small
Victorinox Knives 91mm, 3 in (Considered Standard Size)
Angler,Camper, Climber, Climber StayGlo, Compact, Craftsman, Cybertool Lite, Cybertool 29, Cybertool 34, Deluxe Tinker, Explorer, Explorer Plus, Farmer, Fieldmaster, Fisherman, Handyman, Huntsman, Huntsman Lite, Pioneer, Pioneer Harvester, Ranger, Spartan, SwissChamp, SwissChamp XLT, SwissChamp XAVT, Tinker, Traveler Lite, Voyager Lite
PocketTools and Knives 105mm, 4" and larger.
Tools and knives 111mm, 4 inches and larger .
German Army Trekker, GolfTool, Hercules, One Hand Trekker, Rescue Tool, Soldier, SwissCard, SwissCard Lite, SwissCard Quattro, SwissTool, SwissTool CS Plus, SwissTool RS, SwissTool Spirit, SwissTool Spirit Plus, SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet, Trekker, WorkChamp
Victorinox Flash Drives
Flash Drives, Flight(airline safe) Flash Drives, Laser Pointer Flash Drives.
Replacement Parts
Knife replacement parts, toothpicks, tweezers, ball point pens, etc. Repair Information
Belt Hangers, Knife Pouches, Sharpening Stones

NOTE:If you cannot find the Victorinox model you want, email us We may have it in our warehouse, but not yet on our website.