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Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are shipped by US mail unless otherwise specified in order.

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(These also fit SwissChampXLT and SwissChampXAVT)

    Description Price
1.   Multi-Tool Honing and Lubricating Oil
Multi-Tool honing oil for sharpening stones and lubrication. Food grade.
Item No. 20050
2.   Dual Knife Sharpener
No need to endure a dull blade the blade sharpener is a simple and elegant way to keep your knife as sharp as on the day you bought it. This elegant sharpening solution features a ceramic notch and a grinding stone, packaged in a form factor no larger than a pen. Keep it close by and stay sharp.
Item No. 4.3323
3.   Miniature Steel
This pocket size miniature sharpening steel rod has a round fine cut which is made from the same material and undergoes the same processes as Victorinox's professional Sharpening Steels. It is perfect for pocket carry to keep your knife edges tuned and razor sharp!

Replacement steel for knife pouches with steel.

Item No. 40982
4.   Ball Point Pen, Large Replacement
Fits Altimeter, Altimeter Plus,Cybertool Lite, Cybertool 29, Cybertool 34, Explorer Plus, Huntsman Lite,SwissChamp and all 3.5 in Knives with a ball point pen. It has a gray plug in the end.
Item No. 30422
5.   Retractable Pen Refill, (Small)
Fits Midnight MiniChamp, MiniChamp-Red, Signature, Signature Lite, Swiss Memory, Swiss Memory - Air Travel, Victorinox Flash,Security and Presentation Master, and all 2 in (58mm) Knives that have a retractable ball point pen.
Item No. 30459
6.   Battery CR1025 Lithium
Replacement battery for Swisslight , Signature Lite , Midnight Manager , Midnight MiniChamp , SwissCard Lite , All 2 (58mm) knives that have a battery, Wagner Swiss Pen.
Item No. 22068
7.   Battery, CR1225 Lithium
Battery Replacement for Altimeter, Cybertool Lite, Huntsman Lite, Spartan Lite, Swiss Champ XAVT, Traveler Lite, Voyager Lite.
Item No. 21225
8.   Battery, #389 Silver Oxide
High output Silver Oxide 1.55V button cell.
Fits all Victorinox Flash, Victorinox Flash Laser, Victorinox Secure and Victorinox Presentation Master Knives.
Fits all Victorinox Knives that have the new swinging battery door.
Item No. 20389
9.   Mini Screwdriver
It fits into any Swiss Army Knife or SwissTool having a corkscrew. Handy for small screws such a tightening your eyeglasses.
Item No. 30411
10.   Replacement Corkscrew
Fits the following tools:SwisswTool CS Plus, SwissTool Spirit, SwissTool Spirit Plus, SwissTool SpiritPlus Ratchet, SwissTool Spirit X
Item No. 30555
11.   Sharpening Stone
Sharpening stone for SwissChamp SOS kit.
Item No. 30424
12.   Sharpening Stone with Leather Pouch
Sharpening stone 4 in x 1 in x in.
Item No. 30412
13.   Spring, replacement for large Victorinox scissors.
Scissors Replacement Spring for Large Victorinox Knives and Tools.
Fits knives 111mm (4⅓ inches) and larger and tools that have scissors.
Item No. 38410
14.   Spring, replacement for medium Victorinox scissors.
Replacement Spring,Medium for Victorinox Knives.
Fits all knives 74mm(2.9 inches), 84mm(3⅓ inches) and 91mm (3 inches) long that have scissors.
Item No. 38409
15.   Spring, replacement for small Victorinox scissors.
Small scissors replacement spring.
Fits all knives 58mm (2 inches) long that have scissors.
Item No. 38408
16.   Swiss Card, Ball Point Pen replacement
Fits Swiss Card, Swiss Card Lite, Swiss Card with Money Clip.
Item No. 30523
17.   SwissCard Replacement Knife, Ruby
SwissCard replacement knife, Ruby.
NOTE: Victorinox has discontinued all other colors in replacement knives.
Item No. 30548
18.   SwissCard Replacement Nail File with Screwdriver
Replacement Nail File with Screwdriver for SwissCard
Item No. 30522
19.   SwissCard Replacement Scissors
Replacement Scissors for SwissCard.
Item No. 30521
20.   Quattro Bit
Quattro Bit 4-in-1 Screwdriver. 3mm, 5mm, #00-0 Phillips, #1-2 Phillips.
Fits SwissCard Lite, SwissCard Quattro.
Item No. 30532
21.   Ball Marker
Replacement for GolfTool
Item No. 30547
22.   Toothpick,large, Replacement for Victorinox
Fits all knives and tools 74mm(2.9 inches) and larger that come with a toothpick.
Item No. 38414
23.   Toothpick,small,replacement for Victorinox
Fits all 58mm(2 inch) Knives that have a toothpick. Also fits SwissCard.
Item No. 38413
24.   Tweezers, large, replacement for Victorinox
Fits any 74mm (2.9 inch) or larger knife or tool that have a tweezers.
Item No. 38416
25.   Tweezers, small, replacement for Victorinox
Fits all 58mm (2 inch) knives that come with tweezers. Also fits SwissCard.
Item No. 38415
26.   Toothpick, Small, Replacement for Wenger
Replacement toothpick for small Wenger Knives. Fits all 2 inch knives including: Crusader, Esquire, Microlight Pocket Tool Chest, Pocket Tool Chest.
Item No. 98996
27.   Toothpick, Large, replacement for Wenger
Replacement toothpick for large Wenger Knives. Fits all 3 inch knives including Evo's,Canyon, Golf Pro, Handyman, Matterhorn, Survivor, Tool Chest Plus, Tradesman, Zermatt.
Item No. 98997
28.   Tweezers, small, replacement for Wenger
Replacement tweezers for small Wenger knives. Fits all 2 knives including: Crusader, Esquire,Esquire Stainless, Microlight Esquire, Microlight Pocket Tool Chest.
Item No. 98998
29.   Tweezers,large, replacement for Wenger
Replacement tweezers for large Wenger Knives. Fits all 3 inch knives including Evo's, Canyon, Golf Pro, Handyman, Matterhorn, Survivor, Tool Chest Plus, Tradesman, Zermatt
Item No. 98999
30.   Wagner Swiss Jewel Ink Refill
Refill for Wagner Swiss Jewel Fragrance Pen.
Available in blue, black and red ink
Will not fit Swiss Pens.(See Wagner Swiss Pen ink refill)
Item No. RE-A
31.   Rescue Tool Disc Saw
Replacement Disc Saw for Rescue Tool.
Item No. 3A.8591
32.   Rescue Tool Lanyard
Replacement Lanyard for Rescue Tool.
Item No. 4.1824
33.   Rescue Tool Window Breaker
Replacement Window Breaker for Rescue Tool.
Item No. 3A.8590
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