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1.   Multi-Tool Honing and Lubricating Oil
Multi-Tool honing oil for sharpening stones and lubrication. Food grade.
Item No. 20050
2.   Dual Knife Sharpener
No need to endure a dull blade the blade sharpener is a simple and elegant way to keep your knife as sharp as on the day you bought it. This elegant sharpening solution features a ceramic notch and a grinding stone, packaged in a form factor no larger than a pen. Keep it close by and stay sharp.
Item No. 4.3323
3.   Miniature Steel
This pocket size miniature sharpening steel rod has a round fine cut which is made from the same material and undergoes the same processes as Victorinox's professional Sharpening Steels. It is perfect for pocket carry to keep your knife edges tuned and razor sharp!

Replacement steel for knife pouches with steel.

Item No. 40982
4.   Belt Hanger, Stainless Chain
Victorinox Swiss Army 33552 Belt Hanger w/Chains. The Victorinox Belt Hanger Accessory is an excellent belt accessory that will hold your Victorinox Swiss Army Knife on your side. The Victorinox Belt Hanger is made of stainless steel, a durable material that will hold your precious pocket knife in place. Victorinox belt accessories are of the highest quality.
Item No. 33552
5.   Sharpening Stone with Leather Pouch
Sharpening stone 4 in x 1 in x in.
Item No. 30412
6.   Belt Pouch, Brown Zermatt Leather
Fits 74mm, 84mm & 91mm Knives.
Click on Picture for more info.
Item No. 332ZZ
7.   Belt Pouch, Brown Zermatt Leather with Steel
Fits 74mm, 84mm & 91mm Knives.
Click on picture for more info.
Item No. 332BB
8.   Belt Pouch, Black Zermatt Leather
Fits 74mm, 84mm & 91mm Knives.
Click on picture for more info.
Item No. 332XX
9.   Belt Pouch, Black Zermatt Leather with Steel
Fits 74mm, 84mm & 91mm Knives.
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Item No. 332AA
10.   Belt Pouch, Expandable Leather with clip
Soft Black Leather Pouch with belt clip. Fits most 74,84 & 91mm Knives
Click on picture for more details. Expandable sides for snug fit. 2 sizes.
Item No. 3325X
11.   Belt Pouch, Black Leather For Swiss Tool
Black Leather Belt Pouch fits SwissTool, SwissTool RS, SwissTool X.
Item No. 33246
12.   Belt Pouch, Leather, SwissChamp XLT
Leather Pouch fits SwissChamp XLT and Cybergtool 34 Lite with belt loop and Velcro closure.
Item No. 33240
13.   Belt Pouch, Pocketknife, Black Cordura
Fits All 74mm,84mm,and 91mm pocket knives up to and including SwissChamp.
Cordura with belt loop and velcro closure.
Item No. 33214
14.   Belt Pouch, Lockblade, Black Cordura
Fits all 111mm lockblades except WorkChamp XL.
Cordura with belt loop and velcro closure.
Item No. 33229
15.   Belt Pouch, SwissTool, Black Cordura
Fits: Swiss Tool - Swiss Tool RS - Swiss Tool X.
Black Cordura with belt loop and velcro closure.
Item No. 33232
16.   Belt Pouch, Pocketknife, Black Nylon
2 sizes.
Black Nylon with belt loop and Velcro closure.
Item No. 3324X
17.   Belt Pouch, Black Nylon, Swiss Tool Plus
Fits Swiss Tool Plus.
Black Nylon with Belt Loop and Velcro Closure.
Item No. 33542
18.   Belt Pouch, Lockblade, Black Nylon
Two sizes to fit lockblades (4" knives).
Black Nylon with belt loop and velcro closure.
Item No. 332YY
19.   Belt Pouch, Black Leather for SwissChamp XAVT
Leather Pouch fits SwissChamp XAVT--waterproof.
Item No. 33269
20.   Belt Pouch, Nylon for Swiss Tool
Nylon Belt Pouch fits Swiss Tool, Swiss Tool RS.
Item No. 33245
21.   Nylon Pouch, black for SwissTool Spirit Plus
Black Nylon Pouch for SwissTool Spirit Plus and SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet.
Item No. 33262
22.   Brown Leather Pouch
Brown Leather Pouch fits:Swiss Tool Spirit & Swiss Tool Spirit X.
Item No. 33257
23.   Pouch, Black Nylon
Black Nylon Pouch firs:SwissTool Spirit & SwissTool Spirit X.
Item No. 33258
24.   Belt Hanger, Leather
Black Leather Belt Hanger. Split ring for belt loop - snap for knife, 5 inches long.
Item No. 33551
25.   Key Chain Coupler
Stainless Steel
Quick Release Mechanism
Easily detach knife from key ring.
Item No. 33549
26.   Key Fob
Stainless Steel
Clips securely to belt.
Item No. 33548
27.   Knife Leash
15 in. overall length. Black leather knife leash features belt loop and shackle snap.
Item No. 30402
28.   Retractable Key Chain - 24"
Retractable Key Chain with Belt Clip. Snap on a Swiss Army Knife.
Available in Red and Black.
Item No. 3356X
29.   Sharpening Stone
Sharpening stone for SwissChamp SOS kit.
Item No. 30424
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