Complete MultiTool Sharpening Kit.

A MUST TO KEEP YOUR KNIVES CLEAN AND SHARP Sharpening Kit for MultiTools and Swiss Army Knives includes:

  • #30412 Sharpening stone in leather pouch
  • #40980 Forschner honing pocket steel
  • # 20500 Honing & Lubricating Oil.
    • With Applicator
    • Neutral Odor and Taste
    • Highly Resistant to Aging
    • Good Wear and Corrosion
    • Protection Qualities
    • Suitable for Use with Foodstuffs
    • Use to lubricate multi-tool and knife hinges
    • The best honing oil for knife sharpening
    • Squeeze Bottle dispenses a drop at a time.

Sharpening Kit with 5 ml oil: $20.50
Sharpening Kit with 10 ml oil: $24.25
Sharpening Kit with 15 ml oil: $27.50

What is Honing Oil?
Honing oil is a lubricant used on a sharpening stone to protect the stone and produce a keener edge on your blade. All oils are not created equal. Motor oil is to thick or "heavy" and can clog a sharpening stone. Trusty old WD-40 (which is normally great for just about everything) is too "light" an oil, and will not carry the swarth (metal filings plus stone dust) away from the stone, and that will also clog the stone. Of course, if you don't use any oil at all, the stone quickly becomes worn. Honing oil is a mineral oil that has just the right consistency for sharpening stones. It won't soak the stone and gum it up, but it will provide just enough lubrication to avoid wearing out the stone prematurely.

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